• Trev 'The Darklord' Bamford

    Trevor Bamford is the former frontman of Midnight Configuration, guitarist of Arcane Winter, half of Death Party UK and the man behind one of the UK's most successful underground labels, Nightbreed. Here, he presents The Darklord Radio Show. He is the Dark Lord; the denizen of the underground scene. But we like to call him Trev.
  • BatBoy Slim

    He's a founder of World Goth Day, bassist of The Glass House Museum and presenter of 'Fadeout' right here on Nightbreed Radio.
  • Piers Sixx

    It was the submarine noises that did it.
    The intro to Bauhaus? 'Double Dare' echo detection sounds, and that beautiful black-clad girl in the pub the night before.
    I knew I wasn't mainstream pretty early, Sergio Tachinni and white socks were never going to be my thing.
  • P. Emerson Williams

    P. Emerson Williams is an enigma; an artist and a sonic alchemist who defies any reasonable means of description to the point where it might be insulting to even attempt it.
  • Bronxelf

    Born & raised a carbon-based native New Yorker, Bronxelf is a Sinespace DJ and owner of Club Gothika. Catch her shows 'Significant Mayhem' and 'Voices Of Machines' only on Nightbreed Radio.
  • DJ Psycho Magnet

    He's DJ'd at Underworld in Manchester, Midian in Liverpool, Infest in Bradford and ran a few goth/alternative nights of his own. He loves chocolate, lasagne, horror, goth, futurepop and darkwave, but doesn't like the sound of his own voice. Which isn't helpful when you're hosting a radio show.