• Nightbreed Radio is now streaming the best in goth and dark alternative 24/7 on shoutcast, enabling you to listen in mobile as well!
    Here's a breakdown of when you can hear specific shows through the week.
    All times are listed in GMT, but you can use this rather handy time converter to work it out for your country.

    0100 NecroFuturist Transmissions
    0700 The Darklord Radio Show
    1900 Dark Frequency
    2200 Voices Of Machines

    0100 The Haunted Wardrobe
    1300 Significant Mayhem
    2100 Voices Of Machines

    0100 Dark Frequency
    0700 The Haunted Wardrobe
    1900 NecroFuturist Transmissions
    2100 Psycho Magnet Show

    0100 Significant Mayhem
    1300 The Darklord Radio Show
    2100 Nightbreed Cover Sessions

    1900 Psycho Magnet Show
    2200 Voices Of Machines

    0100 The Darklord Radio Show
    0700 Psycho Magnet Show
    1900 Dark Frequency

    0700 Significant Mayhem
    1900 The Haunted Wardrobe