• The Darklord Radio Show
    A show by Trev 'The Darklord' Bamford, founder of the Nightbreed label. Featuring a selection of tracks and associated stories and observations connected to the Nightbreed label and releases. Plus a few bonus tracks selected by Trev himself.
  • Fadeout
    Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Deathrock and other cold, uncomfortable moments from the scene squashed into an hour by DJ BatBoy Slim for your enjoyment.
  • Significant Mayhem
    DJ Bronxelf brings us her particular flavour of dark, stompy and bleepy things, and sometimes an unholy mashup of both, which sort of makes it 'steepy' things.
  • Voices Of Machines
    DJ Bronxelf explores the more tribal and ethereal side of electronic/industrial genre in Voices of Machines. Expects percussion heavy moments and dark palettes of atmospheric soundscapes.
  • Dark Frequency
    Dark Frequency is a glorious mix of goth, alternative 80s/90s, sleaze and post-punk, lovingly assembled by host Piers Sixx to pleasure your ears and stimulate your mind. Enter the Temple and enjoy music to crimp your hair to...
  • Psycho Magnet Show
    DJ Psycho Magnet brings you Gothic Rock, Darkwave, and post-punk music from its roots to the present time.
  • NecroFuturist Transmissions
    The sort of sonic ear and brain bending that only P. Emerson Williams can bring to the table. Genres morph and swirl in surreal soundscapes, making the resulting show almost indescribable, so you'd be better off listening and judging for yourself...