• The Darklord Radio Show
    A show by Trev 'The Darklord' Bamford, founder of the Nightbreed label. Featuring a selection of tracks and associated stories and observations connected to the Nightbreed label and releases. Plus a few bonus tracks selected by Trev himself.
  • Significant Mayhem
    An hour of dark electronic music presented by DJ Bronxelf that's not to be confused with the usual EBM mixes which can be found in a million other places...It's stompy things and synthy things, and sometimes an unholy mashup of both, which sort of makes it 'stympy' things. Which then brings us to cartoons, and that alone makes everything right with the world...
    This show focuses on having guests from the underground witch house/goth/minimal wave/industrial/electronic scene select and mix their own choices from any genre to create a new and unusual sound adventure every week.
  • Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe
    Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Deathrock and other cold, uncomfortable moments from the scene squashed into an hour by DJ Cruel Britannia for your enjoyment.
    You can view the show playlists HERE.
  • Thirteen13
    Thirteen13 brings you the best in goth, deathrock, post punk and dark indie from the classics of the past to the newer artists shaping today's scene. Hosted by DJ martin oldgoth
  • Monster Mash
    An hour of monster mayhem Hosted by DJ Wolfman playing a mixture of the old, the new the ghoulish and the grave.
    It will thrill you, it might even shock you...
  • Dark Frequency
    Dark Frequency is a glorious mix of goth, alternative 80s/90s, sleaze and post-punk, lovingly assembled by host Piers Sixx to pleasure your ears and stimulate your mind. Enter the Temple and enjoy music to crimp your hair to...
  • The Aether Dome
    Life can't always be dancing and mayhem.
    Sometimes you need a different escape; a dark room, a daydream, the flicker of a long-burning candle.
    Slip into a haze with an hour of music that will take you on a trip of aerial joy...
  • Necro_{FUTURIST} Transmission
    From my arcane and unwholesome researches I have determined that the Necro_{FUTURIST} Transmission is the work of mainly one man, if a mortal man he truly be, yet he has recourse to mechanical slaves, strange instruments of metal and electricity? In his last years, Williams dwelt in Damask silk, where the Gothronomicon (O Az-If) was written. In art, in the Dictionnaire Infernal, P. Emerson Williams is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog.
  • Mr Dark's Audio Nasty
    Mr Dark's Audio Nasty brings you an eclectic mix of music, chat and horror stories in a way you may well have never heard before.
  • Cage Transmissions
    An eclectic mix of music and talk from inside The Cage Studios. From influences to contemporaries; the past, the present and the future. Anything is possible. A monthly 2 hour show hosted by ATTRITION's Martin Bowes and Simon Stansfield.